Fruits and Meals 


Here at the Tanglewood Fruit Festival, you'll be able to enjoy solely organic fruits grown right here in Costa Rica
for optimal quality and taste.

Fruit will be self-serve, available all day long and we'll have
a plethora of options! Come experience Costa Rica's famous sweet Papayas, and Coconut water, along with rarer fruits
such as Mangostine, Jackfruit, Chermoya, Sapote, Rambutans and SO MUCH MORE!!

Take a look at the amazing fruits we've had at previous festivals: 

Raw Vegan Dishes

Besides offering an abundance of high quality, delicious fruits, we also prepare and serve savory raw vegan dishes, recipes, and desserts at some meals.

Not only are they mouthwatering and satisfying, but they'll open your eyes to what is possible to create
with only raw ingredients!

Check out some of which we serve: