Fruit Festival

Optimal Health, Community,
and Vibrant Living!

Come experience Costa Rica's Amazing Organic Tropical Fruit and its Astonishing Beauty

February 17th - 24th 2023  


  • Nourish

  • Move

  • Connect


Nourish your mind, body and soul in our clean environment (free of pollution, toxins,

radiation and other harmful substances that are usually found in cities) and with our

100% organically sourced foods. Give your soul this nourishment by leaving stress 

behind and by simply being present in the amazing moments to come. 

the location

Costa Rica

Located at The Tanglewood Wellness Center in Monte Romo, Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica.
You'll fall asleep to the insects and animals creating their beautiful sounds and will wake up to the howls of the families of Howler monkey's that we share the property with, immersed in
the flora and fauna of our tropical jungle paradise.

Monte Romo is home to Salto Del Calvo - the tallest waterfall in Central America, where we'll spend a fun filled day during the festival.

Come take in the clean fresh air and the beautiful scenery of this magical place. 

festival highlights 

Some Things to Look Forward to!

The Raw Experience:

Come experience the pleasure of eating 100% raw vegan organic foods. You'll be provided an abundance of delicious tropical fruits and you will have the opportunity to learn just how much is possible to create with raw foods.  You'll feel uplifted, satisfied and nourished after every meal rather than weighed down and your body will be incredibly grateful for it.

Freshly Made Cane Juice: 

We bring one of the local Cane Farmer's here, so you can taste the indescribable sweetness of freshly pressed cane juice.

Hiking To the Tallest Waterfall in Central America: 

Bring comfortable hiking shoes and a camera!! We'll be
making a beautiful excursion to a breathtaking waterfall
that just happens to be the tallest in Central America.

Beach Day:

It is always such a blast! We'll spend
the day at one of our near by beaches,
enjoy an abundance of delicious fruit and
the relaxing ambiance of this paradise.

Connecting & Sharing:

Come connect and share with your tribe. Experience the joy of true connection through shared meals, classes and experiences while creating lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories.


There really is nothing like a good old-fashioned bonfire
filled with the sounds of the nocturnal jungle, laughs, stories
and songs. We can't wait to share this experience with you.

Daily Yoga Classes:

Get your "zen on" by allowing your body to be guided through relaxing and rejuvenating yoga classes everyday! 


Tanglewood fruit festival is one of the best I have experienced. Amazing and locally grown tropical fruits in many varieties are available, as well as beautiful hikes around the lovely waterfalls, a day at a wonderful beach, ecstatic dances, meditations, and an immersion in the heart of nature are more than epic.
Simply said: the experience is beyond great and second to none. It is truly an adventure that is irreplaceable.

Stephanie Pollice

This is an incredible event, filled with kind people, activities, and sweet fruits. Not only Tanglewood a gorgeous place to be, but the people are just as amazing. Many of who attended I’m still in contact with today and hopefully will be for a lifetime. These are the relationships you build when you visit events such as the Tanglewood Fruit Festival. It attracts like-minded people who enjoy living on fruit, our species specific diet. Many fruits we enjoyed at the festival I’d never seen or tried before, For example jackfruit, hami melons, and chocolate sapote.
Also the pineapples were the best I’ve ever had (by far).
Some activities included a daily morning yoga session, sunrise and sunset walks, and a tour of the tallest waterfall in Costa Rica led by Loren Lockman. I was also given the privilege to host a strength training session in the mornings which I found to be very enjoyable! Going to the beach and body surfing was also extremely fun! I love the beach and the shores there are the best I’ve ever seen. They look like as from a post card! The fruits at the fruit festival were amazing which included watermelon, papaya, coconuts, bananas, sapote, and many other fruits. It was fun preparing the Jackfruit and we even had raw sushi and lasagna! All in all, The Tanglewood Fruit Festival was an extremely enjoyable time and I will definitely be attending in the future again!

Mark Lego

One week in Tanglewood attending the Fruit Festival is like
a walk back in time into the Garden of Eden ❤️ It's a sweet remembering of how life once used to be and how it should be. The location, the people, the energy is beyond words to describe, it must be experienced and witnessed. Blissfulness, peace, tranquility, sound of nature, like-minded people and tons of fruit all together. Disconnect to reconnect! ❤️⭐🌺🍉🍍🥥


The fruit festival was a transformational experience for me.
To be in an environment of a fruit feast, with nothing but an abundance of delicious organic fruits, among like-minded people, made me realize how easy this lifestyle can be. The belief "I need cooked meal to saturate me" is gone ever since. My body feels lighter and healthier.

Liliya Dale

Our Vision

Creating a New Kind of World with a bright future.

We've created The Tanglewood Fruit Festival as an opportunity for likeminded people to come together, enjoy mother nature's most incredible treats, while collaborating on creating the kind of world that we choose to live in: one based on full consciousness, unconditional love, and building a community where we can thrive while living in harmony with mother nature and each other.
Come join us for an experience of a lifetime!

Contact Information

Find us here: Tanglewood, Mercedes de Hojancha, Guancaste, Costa Rica 

Email: info@tanglewoodwellnesscenter.com